How do I create a discount?


Tappr offers merchants the ability to apply discounts to an item or sale. Discounts can be either a percentage or a dollar amount and can be applied to the entire sale or to a specific item before tax is applied. Note: You can only create a discount via the Tappr App. Additionally, this feature is currently only available on iOS.

How do I create a discount via the Tappr App?

 Tap the three horizontal bars at the top left corner of the app (pictured below).



 Tap Settings (pictured below).



 Tap Discounts (pictured below).



 From there tap + at the top right corner of the app (pictured below).



 Once on the new discount page add the Discount Name, Amount ($ or %), toggle Enabled and then tap Save and you're set (pictured below).


How do I edit or turn off a discount via the Tappr App?

 To edit or turn off a discount, simply go to the discount.
 From there tap on the desired discount, in this case Boxing Day Swimwear (pictured below).



 Once on the discount page, you can either edit the Amount ($ or %) or toggle Enabled to turn off the discount. From there simply tap Save (pictured below).


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